Biography and Artist Statement


Kaleb Romano is an Edmonton based artist, primarily working in ceramics, carpentry or painting.

Although he isn't quite sure what he isn't doing most of the time, he is the visionary behind The Shop Art and Ceramic Studio. Located on Wagner Road in South Central Edmonton, The shop is where he makes his own work, teaches classes, and runs the studio to be in working order.

A walk in gallery shop is typically open Monday through Friday at 8505 Wagner Road NW Edmonton AB Canada.

Kaleb is an international artist who has work in public and private collections all over the world. His work often involves strong bold patterns inspired by prints, geometric repetitive patterns, fabric, architecture, and nature. 

More often than not his clothes match his work. 

When he is not making art, he enjoys watching cartoons, eating ice cream and loving the other humans in his life. 

Artist Statement

"Working in clay, I create functional objects that entice the beholder by featuring unique and quirky details such as the heavily patterned bottoms. Pottery focuses on objects that are used to perform daily rituals from morning coffee to lunch, or dinner and statement pieces.

Often inspired by repeated shapes and mundane patterns that surround us in our day to day lives, some of my inspiration comes from building reinforcements, honeycombs, insects, textiles, internal mechanisms, prints, and clothing.


Kaleb and a "cat planter" at a holiday sale at his studio. December 2019